​U cry over those stupid dicks and vaginas who hurt and betray you. U waste so much time and energy lamenting on those petty things. 

Did u for a moment think about the depleting ozone layer and the consequences it carries along? 

What about our betrayal?  We are on the verge of completely destroying what saves us from being knocked to death. 

Knock knock. 

If u don’t cry over this, OR DO something, you know…  SOMETHING AT LEAST…. One day u are gonna go out to the beach with your love  and watch your hot bikini girl turn red, full of blisters and then die burning in front of you. Oh and the fun part is, you will have the same destiny. Dying for eternity together. Romantic!

Oops! Not romantic, it’s actually quite tragic, isn’t it?

Oh, I forgot to mention, even sunscreen won’t protect you from Sun burns. 

Would you like it? 

Count days. The end is near. 

Your truly, 

Alien from the other planet. 

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