Unbridled Prodigy 

He is an unbridled prodigy growing up amongst the wild,

Embracing the joy of life as it passes by. 

He cares not for possessions and stations on the go

He dances to the music of the wind

Savouring the journey

Like a strong headed dandelion soul. 

He is a mist of emotions…

Disappearing as one endeavours to chase. 

His tranquility holding him to Earth, 

Though he wishes to explore more. 

Secretly he takes up journeys to the exotic galaxies,

And planets with names unknown. 

His blemished smile approaches one with sheer delight 

Seizing not even a nought in return 

Unfurling a sudden unknown beatitude as he shines. 

A friend, a good company, a true human… 

He is all that life calls for. 

Daggered and scarred

Discovering the truth of life and beyond. 

Like the poised absconding notes of wind chimes,

Another of him can be unearthed…

For he is the constellation not every pair of eyes can espy,

I recognize him as one of my favourite unadulterated perfumes of life. 


This poem is for Debarshi Arathdar.  He is an amazing human being and I am proud to mention that HE IS MY FRIEND. Keep connected pal. 

I don’t know why, but my earlier post got deleted somehow. So here I am posting another one. Please like it. (the earlier one had so many likes 😞😞😞😩😩😩😩 and comments 😞😞😞)


13 responses to “Unbridled Prodigy 

  1. I can’t express how much u made me happy ..really..although the title of the poem is itself an exaggeration and many things are exaggerated,everyone knows am a lazy ass but still…it really made me so happy..I will cherish this always..thanks a lot pal, i wish u grow up and be known as the wonderful human you always have been 😊

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  2. 😢 thank you so much..this is so touching and good..thank you friend..iam proud to have met a poet like you too and make such an amazing human being friend..thanks a lot, :’ i am speechless poet T

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