Periods. Here I said it. Now go run!

Can u climb stairs to the top of the 4th floor wearing pointed heels and a body-hugging dress in white while unbearable pain crowds at the walls of your belly with your body continuously bleeding on a slim white pad that often leads to stains? 

Not to mention the frownless smile your face needs to hold to avoid sudden question and the time and again “Check-if-there-are-stains-Patrol”. 

Can u spend the rest of the day changing classes with a break or two of 10 mins, acting like every other day while you just want to lie down and not talk? 

Women are subjected to this natural phenomena. 5 days of pain and uncomfortable living and we don’t let you know if things are wrong. So much of tolerance… For what? 

“You are a woman. Know your limits in the society.” – This?? 

Fuck the society. Bloody bunch of ASSHOLES with rotten brains backed by Literacy but no Education in their veins to salute that suit and tie they wear! Show me humanity you bunch of shits. If not, even we can be demons plaguing Earth. 

Note to every soul bothering about the society :


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