Read this post. PLEASE. 

​To all my WordPress friends,


Firstly, Thank you for being here, reading all the tantrums and desires and emotions that I trap in my words and present it to all. WordPress helped me deepen my love for words and fiction. 

Thank you for noticing my work and appreciating it. Appreciation is the thing that gives us hope and keeps us going when nothing looks balanced. Thank you. 

And now talking about a more serious issue, I have this friend Rohan Basu who is an amateur photographer. He loves to capture and share them on instagram and facebook but because he doesn’t have many followers he is often afraid to post his works on WordPress. 

Please please please follow him guys. He is not any random person with a camera. He is worth it. Follow him. Try his photos. If u don’t like it, unfollow him. But plz give it a try. Let him grow. 

Follow him, like his posts if you find it worth it and appreciate him. Allow him to feel the power and magic of being a  blogger. Engage him in WordPress. Show him the magic. 



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