Tribute to my Squad 

Debarshi, the unbridled prodigy amongst the wild,

The laziest of the squad with the happiest vibes. 

Sudeep the sentimental… Living for dedication gadgets gym and style,

Runs back to the men’s cave if ever provoked or lied. 

Jyotisman acts matured but bears childish prayers at heart,

He is Father India taking care of us with gathered goodwill to impart. 

Everybody’s favorite Srirup is having a bad time dealing with growing up, love and other chapters of life,

Avinash is the tallest one and my favourite junior of all the time.

Sanjay remains too quiet glued to the same spot dawn after twilight 

Arsh! The one with erupting hormones all the FUCKING time.

Partha the godfather is a true gentleman to be recalled,

Ankit appears during the full moon and runs back before the midnight calls. 

Sabarna is the life saviour 

Bringing us the gorgeous green when we run out of stock.

And Me to be precised the only bitch amongst the dogs. 

Abhijeet enters the backyard with fixed time in hand

Quarter to 2 and he runs out of the perimeter as fast as he can. 

Anmol is “anmol” with uncountable ocb supplies 

And Rohan the neutral one always smiling and shy. 

The scene is incomplete without Docomo running with his phone in hand,

Just on time for a round of kills…

Together they play Mini militia ‘redefined’. 

I will miss the everyday ritual of smoke up sessions,

I will miss these super humans I am glad to have as friends. 

I wouldn’t trade you folks for anything in the world…

I am lucky to have known you retards 

Lucky enough to never say goodbye. 


6 responses to “Tribute to my Squad 

  1. This is awesome… This is too good , daami..the way u described..I almost felt like I was enjoying a day in DoCoMo again..that’s the power if great poetry..keep it up my rock😎

    Liked by 1 person

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