I’m voting for humanity 

​21st century, sex education, feminism, women empowerment and what not.

So many rallies have humans walked,

So many organizations for women built. 

So many scars have been engraved as  sacrifice,

So many lives lost to make it right.

In front of the mic great speeches can be delivered,

In front of the mass dignified promises can be made. 

But behind the door the mask removes,

And the fight for dominance awakens. 

The constant struggle for women to breathe

The quarrels and fights for educational needs

Natural it is for a woman to bleed 

Yet strains need to hidden and the whole affair of menstrual cycle kept discreet. 

Prayers are offered so we are not played with without our affirmation 

Dreams are often lost because of fear and orthodox gradation.

21st century 

With educated men and women worldwide… 

Still every single day is a struggle for women,

Living life is a constant war without any gear. 

So many ways put forward to rescue the victims,

So many big words used to jostle sense into the peabrains. 

Amidst all these tell me where does Humanity lie? 

Don’t you think we should first treat ourselves as humans for a change? 

Equality for Every human without counting the X and Y chromosomes…

Looking into each other’s eyes without greed and orthodox norms. 

Why can’t we act like humans and treat every individual with respect?

There are men who are facing the same struggles like women 

Thousand other problems while the cure for all remains the same. 


Is it too much to ask for? 

Because I believe if humanity is achieved 

There will be no need of feminism or it’s allies. 

But that’s quite a daydream I know

For the entire dog species might learn to behave

But humans are too cruel to change. 

The war is constant though lives are perishable on earth,


The pledge has been taken.

Chin up 

Sword in place

Fight for survival 

Rip out disgrace. 


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