Pray for death 

​I am lost in the tunnels of misery.

Trust me when I say it’s  a long one. 

I am tired,

My legs cannot go any further. 

My nerves are fighting my skin to burst out,

My mind is pleading for death. 

I cannot go back to where I started.

I cannot walk out of the tunnels. 

I have no place to go,

No plot of land or heart to call my home,

And this darkness is consuming me. 

I am afraid if I continue my journey finding a way out of it,

I will be a walking dead.

With a beating heart 

But my existence emotionless and foul.

I will no longer be able to express,

Feel things around me.

I will no longer be able to write them like most of the time I do,

I will lose it.

Vicious web of dark tunnels with damp ground and silence is all that’s left to me. 

With every minute passing I see a new memory in front of me…

Pain gushing through my blood,

The torment so cruel that my bones and muscles feel paralysed. 

I pray death to consume me,

Take me away from this world where I couldn’t sleep a night without hate. 

Take me away. 

Please, PLEASE. 


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