Summer Delights 

​Time to head to the beach again,

For the cool ocean water to cradle the skin.

Sand castles and summer infused drinks…

Evenings with beer bottles and friends by the sunset,

Barbeque and chills. 
The windows of the little huts 

That had abandoned winter from letting in,

Are once again open with a smile

To let in happy sun rays and summer breeze.
The absconded birds have returned, 

Flower blossoms and green spreading wings. 

The terrace smells of summer pickles and drying crisps,

Old grandma sponging up the morning gleam. 
The ice-cream vendors are back to the town, 

Ringing their iconic bell as they pass the lane.

With my lips stretched to a foolish smile I say,

Coca Cola is once again buzzing the canteens. 
Too many summer options to choose from-

Classic orange pops or royal pista koolfi…

Thandi lassi, lemonade or flavoured ice pops in a glass. 

Flip flops and summer shorts are back in stock,

Round hats, umbrella and essential sun-blocks. 
I hum along the distant music throbbing through the headphones kept beside,

I smell summer in the air while I play with the braids of my brown hair. 

The curtains dance to the symphony of the wind,

The wind chimes coalesce…

Nostalgia of summer compelling me to sing.


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