In pursuit of a truce 

​There exists part of me that I want to hunt down and kill, 

Part of me that has never been strong enough to balance my existence. 

But am I so brave? 

Am I brave enough to face my darker shade? 

There are secrets and lies, 

Instances I never want to spill out. 

Confrontation led to screams and pain, 

The pain so magnified that it was all set to blow me up. 

I ran away praying…

Praying so I never have to face the monster that I am

But it’s time now. 

The part of me that I am afraid to explore, 

The part of me that has been subjected to the curse of unending agony, 

I have to accept it. 

I have to embrace all of me to stand tall and brave,

Because if I don’t learn to accept the part that has always pulled me down to the pit of misery,

I won’t be able to control and stand up to my refection without any hate or fear within. 

I have to be strong to build myself up without the need of any hand that changes colour so often. 

I need to help myself,

Because in this world full of strangers and delusions I need to find myself and have faith in me. 


6 responses to “In pursuit of a truce 

    • There is no time to sit back and drown in my own tears while the clock ticks away. I have to keep pace with life, with the rotation of the earth. I have to live, smile and laugh. One life is all I am gifted with. My mother did not endure the pain to bring me to life for tears and disdain.
      And so I have decided to never stop. Yes I might take a break to look around what’s happening but never to hide in a corner and mourn. That’s not why I was created. I was created to live life to the fullest. And I won’t ever look back.
      Mr. Extinct, u have witnessed me in despair, u have read the letters of hope that I wrote myself. Through my blog u witnessed how I revived myself and learnt lessons of life.
      Cheers to us, all the bloggers and our lives.

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