Flying dollars and deeds

Smokes, wine and tipsy mind

Flying dollars, jealousy and riles. 

I am in possession of all that falls under greed

Yet I am hungry for more with increasing need.

Devouring the headlines I smirk at fate and time

From a douche bag to one of the primes. 

All the sweat and tears 

Light-on nights and towering fears

I walked to the edge and found a bridge to the other side,

Wobbly,  though somehow I managed to pass through…

And drank from the goblet of success that waited for my hold. 

My stomach is full of turkey and tarts,

My wishlist is all scratched and brought.

Lavish is the word that describes my living, 

Yet something is missing, 

A part that I couldn’t buy with money. 

How long with greed overpower me? 

The thirst never dies for more dollars and deeds

I search and stroll through stalls and shops

But nowhere could i  find love and company. 


5 thoughts on “Flying dollars and deeds

      1. I just don’t praise, I point out to you when I dislike anything in your posts. I stay fair with you, appreciate what’s worth appreciating. Also I do this with selective people only who take my praise+ criticism in the right spirit. Always a pleasure to read your work 😊

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