​It was fool of me to consider chaNge

Absolutely  ridiculous of me to believe I could hold air. 

Maybe I cannot pretend anymore…

I cannot smile while I am screaming for help in silence,

I cannot talk normal when all I want to do is cry. 

I don’t want to go around suggesting people a better life

Providing them the answers they seek,

While I am the one injured and lost. 

I am no more capable of thinking what people will assume of my actions and never do them,

I cannot hide the side of me that doesn’t align to the points made up by humans. 

I am done. 

I am done with waking up with hopes for a better day

Because nothing can calm the storm raging inside me. 

I am not strong. 

I am incapable of holding myself together. 

I cannot pretend,

Not anymore. 


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