The Revenant

I live on the edge of the broken glasses I once caused, 

The water dark and cold

Where I was drowned by them with my eyes blinded for love,

I drink from it now. 
The ashes that never left after the rage inside me burned and diffused,

The grey stick to me camouflaging the stains on my nakedness. 
The hollowness of my heart pumped rotten blood and inflicted memories 

The pain so severe and excruciating 

I spent hours alone screaming and panting with dead eyes and twisted bones. 
The room light I turned off so I don’t witness the torment that turned me into a misguided woman,

I can see through the witching hours now.
The flashbacks and every tiny memory of all I had, 

Of the hearts and flowers 

Of the laughter and smiles

Of the touches and whispers

Of the colours and sparks

The revolution of it around me was faster than my struggling breaths.

I was to be whiplashed by it,

The hurting chains around my ankle pulling me back

Every time I tried to escape fate and run back in time. 

The chains, thoughts and every flashback

All the snapshots and stale fragrances that once lingered and haunted

All of it-

All of it is now tamed and hoaxed. 
Wounded and bruised I learnt to tame the elements that once destroyed me,

Eroded away but learnt to walk through the wind that blows away the skin.

I drank the poison I feared and did not let it end me,

I woke up from the dark, let light pass through and walked over the soft caressing green.


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