Faded lures

I was waiting for roses at my door, 

I was waiting for cuddles and movies at morning 4.

I was luring for touches that end in bed,

I was craving for moans stretches and spreads. 
I longed for walks and lunch together after work,

I dreamt of adventures, camping and dogs. 

I wanted to be with a soul who could see through me,

Be a wild, free and unedited version of glee.
I wanted sex in the shower,

I wanted trust.

I wanted humour and laughter,

I wanted touch.

I wanted togetherness without any drama or restraints,

I wanted to be felt, 

I wanted to be loved.
I wanted to cook for someone, 

Arrange dinners and breakfasts.

Someone to love and to cherish…

Someone to lust. 
I wanted a favourite…

Someone for always. 

I wanted giggles and blushes, 

All I ever wanted so badly was love. 
Sharing smokes and wine,

Planning Saturday nights.

Dressing for the hunger in his eyes,

I have always wanted to have someone I could call mine. 


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