No, don’t blind date me. 

I am not here fishing random blinded likes,

I want you to read my words, understand them and smile. 

I don’t need follows over thousands,

And bloggers who are genuine readers just three. 

Unfollow me then I say!

I come here to read and express

I come to here to feel what the world outside my phone screen fails to. 


Hello to all those who are attached to my blog right now…

Unfollow me if you don’t like to read my heart,

Unfollow me if I don’t exist at your part. 

Let your presence be felt

Let me know you are there. 

Let me know there’s someone too…

Someone who listens to all I say,

Someone who cares. 

15 responses to “No, don’t blind date me. 

  1. okay, i love your work 🙂 and this is the perfect way to express why you are here… great.. and i too get some followers who click like on all my posts within 30 seconds, and then they wait to get the same response from me. but this is not the way it will work.. :p..

    P.S. i am following the ‘Fusion Beats’ from the time when it was a ‘Cursed Soul’ …

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  2. It’s difficult to find the true virtue
    And it’s going to get tougher.

    Those who care
    Those who matter
    Will always be there
    No matter what

    What ever happens here
    Most of it is fake
    And if not so
    It’s just a bargain
    Nothing is selfless
    And to find it from the herd
    Is a very difficult task
    Everytime you will be left
    Disappointed and then
    You will realize that all that matters
    Is you enjoy what you do and you must.

    Here and there some or the other would tickle you and they are the best experiences.

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