Haunting echoes and strains 

​The Lone corridors of my apartment flashbacks the excitement once it witnessed,

My kitchen looks empty for it serves dinner to only one unlike those usual dinner dates. 

The cutlery reduced 

The Couple Mugs now parted 

Our Xbox untouched 

Your shoes beside mine are gone. 

My organized apartment misses the chaos that lingered before

My bed sheets are clean now 

Long gone is the crazy togetherness. 

I miss the spent hours with you, 

I miss everything we used to do. 

It’s all empty now, silent and still…

I miss your voice your smell your touch and your face,

I miss your arm around my shoulder,

I miss your presence and your hold. 

I miss us. 

I miss the laughter and giggles that echoed.

Now all that remains are silence and me,

The abandoned space, smoke and coffee. 


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