Even though I have been crowned as the king, 

People have kept me enslaved and ringed. 

Chained inside a cage all day long, 

I hear the adventurous trials and the 

green marshy call. 

Locked in the dark, whipped and roped, 

No route to follow… No spoor of hope. 

I want to degenerate into the falls of the Jungle,

But here I  am,  from the wild estranged. 

I want to chase and hunt,

I want to jump and prance. 

I want to rule and scare, 

I want to roar and dance. 

There is so much I wish to do!

I want to explore new tracks and clues.

I want to sleep under the night sky so elite, 

I want to roar and smell  flesh and blood.

But this rectangular box is where life have to end,

Away from where I belong… Away from 

my friends. 

The men here are ferocious,

I fear them and they rule. 

My lasso is heavy, it chokes my throat…

It seems like I have  forgot to Roar. 


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