Unmapped advices

​Its easy to jot down words of wisdom,

Its easy to advice the trapped ones to run.

Its easy to say ‘break through and fly’ 

But not that easy when you are stuck with time.

Its easy to write pages after pages,

But how to free yourself when you are locked inside?

When you don’t have yourself any place to go…

Not a penny to depend on,

Not a grain of rice left in your worn-out sack.

With no shelter tell me where do I hide ??

How to start again when I have no money or guide?

The world outside isn’t as easy as we think,

Without money in your pocket even Earth won’t let you breathe.

What action to take then ?

Not a writer mentioned…

Hope doesn’t last when you are hurt too much.

Escaping is hard when you are trapped in your own habitat, 

With no support tell me how do I run ?


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