Mr. Barton’s Reader’s Stop

​Table no. 11

My throne every evening after work. 

My space for a little book reading and coffees,

The little carved window beside offering the best view of the town. 

The Lone corner offers me comfort I ask for,

Away from the other tables and the people around.

I indulge in variables the best I find, 

It’s here I relax my mind and lock out the world for a while.

Table no. 11 

It’s been a daily routine now. 

Mr.  Barton keeps it ready for me, 

With a special cappuccino that he never fails to excel at!

At times he presents me the fresh baked foods

And I Ummm and reorder and stay for longer those days. 

It’s my escapade in this hasty human world, 

Where I can sit quiet and calm and treat myself with a little reading and caffeine. 

Table no. 11

Of Mr. Barton’s ‘Reader’s Stop’ of this gloomy town. 

A place where I find comfort and warmth, 

The only place where I don’t have to meet disappointments and frowns. 


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