​Well suited

Hair waxed and shiny

Beard well kept,

With a genuine smile he approached to woo me. 

I was in my pjs,

With my hair a mess of unkept red curls.

Smelling of the strawberry lotion I caressed on my skin,

I felt natural and at ease. 

We exchanged numbers, 

We shared likes.

We stalked each other’s online profiles,

And then he texted me a hi. 

Trodden and scared of the love I had known,

My sweaty fingers ignored to reply him smooth.

He sent me words of new hopes and dreams,

And a comforting promise to be More. 

And I melted!

Cracked the shield that blocked emotions,

I smiled and blushed and felt warm once again.

For those were some lines to think about, 

Special enough to take a screenshot of…

And keep them safe in my secret file.


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