Until next time

​Hey Mickey! 

Once again when chaos had circled me 

U appeared like a trespasser and soothed my soul. 

I am sitting on my bed listening to my favorite song

And when I think of how the past days have been,

I have a smile on my face. 

Strange but you are the only person who still owns a place in my life. 

Rest all flowed along with the flood. 

Should I call you my constant? 

Nah! That would be too much I suppose. 

Anyways, Mickey you are.

My favourite human on Earth. 

Yeah yeah I am writing all sweet sugary words,

But that’s how this writing thing works you know. 

Thank you Mickey. 

While I cried and mourned talking about my mishaps to my other friends 

With you I forgot them all and enjoyed the present. 

You taught me to let go. 

You taught me that things happen for a better cause. 

You never my soul feel low. 

Awkward silence you call it. Isn’t it? 

The time when music stretches through our ears 

And we sit quietly without a word to our lips. 

Haha. Well awkward it is,

But I like it. 

Just the way things happen when I am with you. 

Another trip to your hometown is at its enD,  

And I  am glad you called me. 

Thanks. For remembering me. 


Too much importance shouldn’t be given to a guy,

But who cares! 

You are a dumb Mickey and I am clever little girl. 

Okay fine… Maybe not dumb but your brain works definitely slower than mine. 

(remember that!)

Oh my god… 

I cannot believe I am writing you this shit! 

But hey,  

I know you got a busy life waiting for you there

And you are gonna forget to keep contact with me…

But remember Me at least. 

Remember the crazy little girl who speaks all shit and admires you…

Remember the girl who named you Mickey,

Remember me. 

With hugs and kisses I bid you goodbye. 

Until next time. Take care Lazy Potato.


16 responses to “Until next time

  1. That sums up every Mickey lovers life, I guess. Though I’ve faint memories of his cartoons that I watched as a kid, your poem just revived every single memory of it.πŸ‘Œ Wonderfully written.❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is sooo beautiful……
    Someone writing for Mickey,wow sooo sweet….
    I loved Scooby, which is quite visible I am sure.
    I fully understand. Evey word….
    It’s actually very lovely…..

    Liked by 1 person

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