Twisted greetings

​Shitty and boring messages I receive every year, 

No new words,  no new phase, people’s innovation blurred. 

Boring you are

 Though cool dude, rebel heart you say, 

Wish me the same this year and swear I will slay you by the day. 

Ah! Forget it, you got nothing in stock I know, 

Blah and blah!  The same old style to show. 

It’s 12:00 already, later I am gonna argue about this with you, 

Let me wish you first,  a very Happy New Year to you! 

I pray happiness cuddle you every moment

And success fuck you hard this year! 

See…  I am not that bad at all, 

For you I really do care. 😊

Now wish me fast,  I am waiting come on! 

And do pray we stay connected forever and keep banging on. 

I wanted to wish on 12:00 dot, but 31st night it was!  Tired and wasted I fell asleep last year and woke up on a different year. But as  ITS NEVER TOO LATE, I wish all my WordPress buddies A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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