Bud love 

​Hey!  Why do u make me feel high? 

Why do u colour my eyes red and sketch a big smile?

Even though it’s me who burn you till your butt comes out,

Why do you still tryna make me feel alive? 

Hey! Are you magic? 

How do you do this dude?! 

You are just a piece of plant

Just a little greeny thing! 

That thick smoke you generate…

That happy vibe you create…

I owe you man! I owe you. 

You have been with me all the while

One shot and you made me feel alive. 

You dusted away all the stress

You brought me some real cool mates. 

Puff puff and pass

Forget that hangover in the glass. 

Smoke green and keep your soul clean

Keep a good pack and kick out the strains. 

Hey! Thanks bud

You stayed beside. 

Thanks you forever,

You made me smile.


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