Good vibes

Let that banana on the table be your mic, 

Sing that happy song you can dance to all night.

Turn up the volume and mute the shouty neighbors, 

Watch all the movies you wanted to without the blurs.

Roll yourself a fatty blunt, 

Make a list of all the amazing things undone. 

Wear that sexy dress you always wanted to wear,

Put your hands up and dance like you don’t care. 

Pour yourself a glass of good wine, 

Eat all the cheese and chocolate you find. 

Colour your hair and get the piercing you wanted to be done, 

Build yourself up- let the haters burn. 

Go crazy and live like it’s today all you got, 

Need a bit of confidence? – Gulp in some tequila shots. 

Pop that champagne and have sex with that hot guy you have your eyes on, 

Play it neat and keep away from the cons. 

Discard that blotted painting and pull out a new canvas, 

Splash your favourite colours onto it and make it look lush.

Don’t be a slave anymore,

Get out of the high fort 

Don’t give a fuck to what the world got to say, 

Do yourself a favor – Be a little brave. 


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