​In the name of love they sucked pleasure out of me,

In the name of love all I gained was defeat. 


18 responses to “LOVE

  1. It was love for them or not who knew?! We learn lessons the hard way because the easier way is way to simple & as we know life is nothing but the choices we make! Hope you have filled your life with love for oneself because if you love yourself you don’t need someone to show you what love is.
    Best wishes,
    Shambhavi 🌻🌻😊

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    • True. It’s better to sit quiet for a while. That way we get to see who stays and who doesn’t. The ones who love you will never leave. And whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Every thing in life has a lesson to teach.
      No regrets kept.
      I admire your words.
      Wish u good days and love.
      Happy reading! 💙💙💙


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