The Magic Of Christmas 

​She tiptoed and put the biggest sparkling Star on the peak of her tree…

Dressed with all the gorgeous  ornaments she ever collected,

Her Christmas tree was ready. 

She smiled at her work,

It looked beautiful with every thing on it. 

The little angels, the sparkling stars and Bells

Round and lush glass balls and little cookie shaped wonders!

The little gifts looked pretty with tiny ribbons tied around them,

Dozens of Cute little Santa Claus sat in between them.

Imitations of her favourite instruments along that little mic hanging on the top corner-

All of it made her eyes sparkle like twinkling Christmas lights. 

She felt better with every thing she put up on her Christmas tree. 
She could feel hope in the air she breathed 

She could feel the Christmas lights ending the mourning darkness. 

With hopes in her heart she prayed with her eyes closed,

She prayed for happy days and love. 

She prayed because she felt hope,

She prayed because she believed in the magic of Christmas. 

Merry Christmas to my WordPress family. Love love love to all….. ❤


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