My Christmas letter to Santa 🎅 

​Dear Santa, 

It’s me a girl of 20.

This year has been a miserable one!

Well yes I agree December brought me new hopes and happiness 

Yes I agree that I learnt to believe and hope for more. 

But the rest of the year was a huge mess! 

At war with the human world,

I found myself left alone.

Traumatized and depressed,

I was shattered and drained. 

And slowly I rebooted,

Focused on the things and the people who never left and found myself back again. 

Family friends marijuana and myself. 

I learnt to love and accept the real form of me. 

Travelling brought the best out of me 

And I learnt to enjoy the simpliest giggles and laughter. 

I learnt to be patient and grew up a little more

I learnt to be simple and live wild and free. 

Now hopping on to the main topic

Let’s talk about my Christmas present now.

Let’s get down to the real business 

And listen to me carefully for its about a very Merry Christmas here. 

I don’t need love for Christmas,

I seriously had enough of that shit.

I don’t need money for Christmas,

Because I want to earn it with my sweat.

I don’t need any toy or car

Or diamond or gold or emerald. 

I don’t need any of the shiny material that the rest is writing you for…

Instead I have a simple straight and organic wish this year. 

To make this Christmas a merrier one I had plans to get baked for good. 

I wanted to fly high and smile

But unfortunate is my luck this year. 

I am dankrupt and have got no way to get my stuff scored. 

Christmas is the only hope left 

And You- My last soldier standing. 

U know already of my sad story,

And the struggle of my survival. 

I have been a good girl this year, 

I helped and smiled

And let no good heart cry. 

Santa oh dear Santa 

Please get my wish fulfilled. 

This year I ask for no glitter or cheese

All I want this Christmas is a bag full of some good green weed. 

Santa oh dear Santa, 

Please get me some Green this holy night of 25th.

And I will keep for you some red wine or rum,

To keep you warm for the night so long. 


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