Growing up

โ€‹Life was easier up on the tree house 

Smoother down the slide 

Happier with a rubber ball in hand

And much more merrier with dangling friendship bands. 

The front camera wasn’t the cause for the smile on our face

Wi-Fi wasn’t the password to games. 

Outdoor was the only idea we had after-school 

Pride was owning dozens of tazo and cards of our favorite cartoon. 

Fashion was all about Glowing sneakers and plaids,

Mumma was the only candidate for lies and trades. 

Hobbies didn’t include playing with emotions 

All we knew about makeup was hair brush and lotions. 

A glass of bournvita and cookies was how evenings used to start

Toys meant toys and not fancy mobiles or supercars.

Complications and issues were only stories  we heard of,

And then one fine day life happened and we began to grow up. 


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