Moonless night 

​I am trying. 

I am constantly trying to pull myself together,

Dust myself up into a single piece. 

It’s hard I tell you. 

Really hard to be the same without you. 
You were the moon to my night sky…

Before you all I had were the stars. 

I looked up-to them and eased my soul. 

But with your grace in my life I was living. 

I was so much more than just alive. 

I was happy and contented. 

I felt home with you. Peace. 
And then came the part after you left…

It’s dark since then. 

The stars have lost their glaze. 

The fellow stars who still seem to be shining doesn’t ease me. 

Nothing brings me the same comfort as you. 

Nothing makes sense without you. 

I miss you.


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