A trip with  my Bros 

​Could It have been better? 

I don’t even waste a nano sec of my life pondering on this tiny heavy interrogation. 

Life was slow and boring. Too much struggle and loneliness had gripped my existence. I had no expectations. I was excited about the trip but all I had in my mind was strolling the streets alone, and reading magazines during the free time at hotel. 

I didn’t expect all the madness and happiness we enrolled ourselves into! Strolling alone?  Nah! We walked like gangsters in gangs and ruled the  streets. And magazines?  Well I just wasted my money on it. Sleepless nights and amazing fun… that’s what we had in our bucket. 

I found myself back in this little trip of 10 days. The lone survivor was washed into a lively happy-go-lucky crazy little lady.  

The togetherness we lived will stick to us forever. 

We are a family now. All that chaos, late night gossips, Uno, food, and restricted pleasures that we engaged ourselves into… We learnt to hold hands while gravitation was pulling us apart. The ups and downs, the laughter and giggles, the dirty jokes and pranks…  Sharing of candies! Oh my god…. I am Gonna miss it all. 
I miss –

” Let’s go and check their room. ”

” Uno after dinner guys! ”

“Now what happened?? ”

“Look at them guys” (with that evil smile on our face) 

I miss tons of things. I miss us. I miss living together. 

It’s my first morning after the trip and I don’t want to leave my bed. This is not because I want to sleep for a little longer… Rather the reason is that there will be none of my Bros to sit and sip my coffee with. No chaos in the hotel corridor that will interest me to get out of my room. 

Family is our own but friends are the reason why life runs smooth. They know things that our family will never want to know. They accept us in our bad and crude form. From waking up to going to sleep, I miss their company. 

But I guess this is how life is. Holidays end and then comes the morning when we need to hang the calendar back again and follow the routine. 


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