A Badass Woman In Love

​She loves to wear exposives 

She keeps her weight checked. 

She loves to flaunt her skin

She spends dollars for that gleam. 

She loves to walk in those Jimmy Choos

She flips her hair with grace.

She loves to read eroticas

She loves to touch herself. 

She is so much obsessed with labels, 

She loves to drive supercars. 

She loves to be noticed,

She is fond of the ‘Want’ in their eyes for her. 
No, She is not a phony woman,

She is not a prostitute waiting for a new customer.

She is not a sex freak or a Hunter, 

She is associated with no blunder. 

She is not a psychopath,

She is not any chic stalking lust. 

She is just a badass woman in love –

Earning it all that she was deprived of. 


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