Her Big Day

She smiled to herself,

Thinking about the instant blush and contentment  she got at his sight.

He smiled at her,

With all the happiness and warmth her presence brought to his heart.

She looked beautiful he thought,

Pretty! All the money she spent on those fancy bags didn’t go wasted. Haha! 

She felt beautiful and ready for her big day,

She couldn’t stop that natural blush adorning her cheeks. 

She was everything to him.

He was her best man. 

As she stood in front of him with that amazing fragrance infusing in the air he breathed,

He admired her beauty and her charisma,

Her beautiful importance in his life. 

“Beautiful” he told her, 

To which she smiled and put her arms around him.

She held him tight and whispered “I love you daddy.”

He felt contented and peace.

Those words stirred all those memories they made. 

He will miss her. 

She felt the same,

Memories stirred on her side too. 

She would miss him too.

But the day wasn’t to cry for,

It was her big day!

The day every daddy longs for. 

“I love you too my little girl.” he whispered back and kissed her forehead. 

“Don’t mess with my matha-patti!” she  exclaimed,

Conscious of her make up and jewellery. 

They both laughed. 

He walked her to the other man she wanted to spent her life with.

Handing her over to his son-in-law,

He blessed them with the happiness of the world. 


Picture : Google baba ki Jai! 🙌🙏


15 responses to “Her Big Day

  1. Such beautifully portrayed the bitter truth of life… hw do u mange to pen down such beautiful thoughts….I hope someday I get to buy your books published by Penguin publication….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol.. That last line.. Made me laugh…
    Till then wanted to comment wow, lucky girl bless you with that bliss and I totally forgot after reaching climax 😂😉

    Liked by 1 person

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