The Steel birds 

​There were those steel birds in the blue sky…

I waved at them

Wished them a good day

Though not a bird waved back at me. 
I kept watching the trail they left behind 

Wondering where they led…

Wondering how beautiful the destination could be …

Wondering what made those steel birds sound so rich and majestic… 
I was playing with my little bricks

When I heard a loud noise.

I looked up in fear,

But soon after an ominous silence prevailed. 

I could then hear cries and loud shouts

I could see more steel birds above 

Exhaling  some tiny crackers into the air. 
There was smoke all around 

And my neighbors panicked. 

Everybody was rushing…

Not bothered about the clothes drying outside

Or the farm they maintained. 

I looked around to figure out the case. 

But my 10 year old brain couldn’t function much,

And I panicked too. 
My mother carried me with her 

Her fair pretty face terrified with tears. 

Fear crept through her bones 

And I could feel her trembling fingers gripping me tight. 

She ran.

With several others and my little brother. 
Into a burrow we went,

Not like the one showed in Alice in wonderland!

It was pitch dark and the ground hurt

A pungent smell lingered and a dirty candle burned. 

There we spent days and nights…

Locked in the dark people kept crying, 

I often heard them uttering numbers of death, 

People talking about people dying. 
After a month of starvation 

Living on stale bread and insufficient water

That pitch dark burrow 

 Tears  and fears 

“Where is Papa? ” I asked. 


“What is going on?”

She closed her eyes and mourned. 

“War” muttered my shaken mother

“War” she repeated,

And again we heard the steel birds roar.

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