​It’s been a while I didn’t get photographed, 

Been so long I didn’t click myself. 

Why don’t I do it?  They ask,

I try to explain but not a word comes out that instant… 

 But there is a weird realisation behind. 

Because when I see my reflection 

It’s not the winged eyes and coloured pout I see,

It’s the miserable status of mine revealed.

I see through my eyes 

Feel every word I weave 

Witness the war going on

Find myself struggling to breathe. 

That fake smile I draw 

The truth of it stinks

Makeup speak aloud

Camouflaging my nakedness that griefs. 

The crude form of me

The part of me unseen

I see it all when I see my reflection, 

I discover my soul burning within. 


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