Another cup of coffee

​With another cup of coffee to keep the dark eyes wide, 

I sat by the window to watch nature collide. 

I woke up. 

Yet Again!

Tortured by the nightmares 

Whiplashed by my thoughts. 
It’s been raining since days 

But not a thought I gave to it

For I have no where to go

No place to see

No company to hold 

No emotion to feel. 
News books need to be racked 

I am running short of things!

Munchies coffee cigerattes and pot

Books and Wi-Fi 

Comfy tees and new socks.
While the world would get busy 

With the Saturday night fuss

I will get the things I wish for 

And hop back to my spot. 
And then again I will smoke

Fight with my thoughts

And again I will sink

Back to the dot. 


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