Move on! 

​Don’t bother,

For it won’t help.
U will be lost in his thoughts,

While he will be enjoying his shot. 

Don’t think, 

Stay occupied. 

For he got his bike,

And all u got is your ruined mascara and sad vibes. 

Don’t lock yourself

And let depression ground 

U will be just wasting your tissues,

While he will be laughing his arse out. 

So don’t sit back there,

Hit the street!

Buy new clothes, 

Discover new breed. 

Love yourself,

Paint your nails.

Colour your hair,

Take good care! 

Wing your eyes and crayon that pout,

Take in the tequila and let out the shout. 

Flip your hair and show off your butt 

Swirl the dress that adorns your luscious bust. 

Smile giggle and laugh out loud, 

Smoke good Shit and puff out the crowd. 

Treat yourself for you deserve to be pampered,

And don’t look back lady, 

Just raise your Standards. 


16 responses to “Move on! 

  1. This is some true shit…it is what people should really do to move on… can transform anyone’s life in bizarre…. This is the way out of darkness…… Hats of to you……Tanushree

    Liked by 1 person

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