Because I call him Rain ☔

His playlist is something I did like to steal,
I wish to lock him in my heart and never reveal.
I wish to write him a beautiful poem to show my love for him,
But everytime I sit to think,  I start to knit new dreams.
I get cranky without his presence,
I want to stop time when it’s us in the frame.
He is an amazing human,
My closest friend it seems,
How did he cast his spell on me? 
How did I get pleased?
I am a girl lost in my own world,
I have no time for the trolls.
But I enjoy every Shit with him,
Oh wonder! What will I do without him?

Above are the initial words I had written,
But then I was bringing in too much drama!
So I changed the style and pose…
And below are some Serious Shitty Dose.

Life won’t stop at your pause or mine,
Things won’t turn my way,  I know.
Flowers will blossom and decay,
Experiences will go on and memories stay.
The wind will blow even if I close my window,
The sun will shine, the night will arose.
U will live and so will I,
U will relish life and so will I.
U will laugh drink smoke and enjoy,
Go places and smile and so will I.
I am happy my way and so are you,
But the way u stirred my life, u helped me grew.
Thanks My Rain for raining in my life,
U met me when I was left with the riles.
Maybe I sound poetic but genuine are my words,
This verse I write to keep you alive …
Alive in my head while u will be gone,
Gone for good, for a beautiful new dawn.

I got myself attached to you,
Maybe that’s too bad….
But things happen u know.
Chill now,
Don’t have to feel like you got another fan!
Come down to earth and read the next Lines,
Because I had to think a lot to get it rhymed.
Yeah. Well. Yeah! You read it right,
I felt for you. Stupid enough but yes.
It’s a confession just, now we are good as friends.
I don’t hold back things and so I scribbled,
These words are knitted not to get u trickled.
I wanted you to know.
Silly me.
Now don’t smile on your own or show it to other,
I am your ‘Taar Kata’ friend and your best well-wisher.
Now I am ending it here,
I am out of words u know.
Not much I have to say,
You are My Rain – the only one in the row.
Go live your dreams
While I live mine here,
Don’t forget me,
For a girl with genuine thoughts misses u here.

By the way…

Now don’t think I just proposed you,
I know what your answer hold and I agree its true.
We are good as friends and I accept the point.
We won’t happen ever. I am not made for you.
That tag is missing, Shit it’s not me.
Ab zaada bhaw na khao
Or i will punch you!
It’s long I know
U hate reading over that,
But not again I am gonna think so much,
Not again will I scribble for you.
Come back soon and met me then!
See! I am future planning already
While you are asleep with your ass gone dead.
But yeah,
Some serious missing scenes will follow.
I Will Miss You Terribly Rain.


29 responses to “Because I call him Rain ☔

  1. Hello Tanushree! I just stumbled upon your blog today and it is such a gem of a find! Your words, simple yet evocative, stirred all five of my senses. Thanks for the great read!

    Liked by 1 person

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