I have nothing to write these days,
I feel hatred for all and always depressed.
I wish to smell flowers, smile and be brave,
But fate greets me with the smell of dirt, frown and cowardness.
The more I try to mix up with people around,
The more I discover their dirty shrouds.
I feel hatred and I wish to spew upon them,
I feel like dying for my life is in vain.
Fate’s been rude all this while,
Though I have tried positivity hope and every mentioned style.
But nothing helped,
No-one brought me good days.
Not an element could help me,
And I cried alone in pain.



62 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. I hope you’re struggling less these days. Depression is horrible to live with, I’m not sure I even care enough about myself anymore to cry. Have you tried support groups? I’ve always been to scared to go

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  2. I so understand what you are going thou I to seen that dark deep depression. I go to support groups every week and that has helped me big time I found myself again and there is Help. Have you ever tried support groups? Just know you are not alone

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  3. I gave it a ‘like’ because of how well it was written, how beautifully composed it was. But I do not like that you feel this way. I’ve written some articles on medication, bipolar, depression… all stuff on the mental health spectrum. If you’d like, there might be some articles you can relate to at

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  4. It’s a shame you felt so down, Beats. Interests, hobbies, passions, whatever we prefer to call them, can at our worst appear so empty, they no longer excite like they used to. Although, that’s where we’re at until an honest answer to the problem comes our way. Not necessarily an answer to our situation specific problem, because they we often weather for time, but rather an answer which sheds light on how we are to relate to people and even understand our own self. πŸ™‚ Much of the time we’re listing loads of problems, most of which come down to a single unresolved issue behind the lot.

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    1. Hey! I have been through your article and yes writing do help me a lot forget things that choke me at times. Thanks for sharing the article.
      Definitely a good read.
      Good wishes to you.
      Happy reading!


  5. I believe time does heal all wounds. The method “out of sight, out of mind” helps if it is something specific. However, it seems so hopeless and you begin to question every good thing that happens, ruining it for yourself. I’m facing depression as well. I only hope and pray that I am mended and can achieve happiness and peace once more. In due time, as hard as it sounds.

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  6. I have gone through depression as well (as well as having horrible social anxiety and eating disorder). I’m not asking you to follow my blog, but please check out my blog posts “how to overcome depression”,”perception is power”, and “the most untraveled road”. I think it’ll help. After you read/watch them, if you like the content feel free to follow. If you need someone to talk to and you are going too far into depression feel free to email me. I am here for anyone!


  7. You know,i have been there,but trust me you should let go off the things that you cant change and be open to only that exists.Accept things,take a break,love others.I am sure that would help you in coping a lot of anxiety dear!:)

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    1. Scars remain. They cannot fade away entirely. And these scars keep reminding you of what’s been done and faced.
      We humans are social animals. We need friends or good company. When friends are not friends anymore but enemies, life becomes hard

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      1. Yes I too am in such a situation..right now
        But my dream and passion let myself free of thoughts that disturb…
        Time will surely heal the wounds … it always does..

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