Still heart

Him: You have changed man! You are not the same you anymore. Its been half an hour and you didn’t talk and the scariest part is that you are sitting still!  The girl who couldn’t keep still even a bit! The one who could keep talking for hours, laugh,  crack jokes,  share all her life stories with me is now lost!
(He gazed at me, his eyes jabbing for answers.)

Me: Maybe I am not in the mood today…
(I tried to fake a smile..)

Him: OH  please! You don’t talk to anyone. We got mutual friends remember? So don’t teach me. You have kept yourself locked! Why? 

I had no answer. I really didn’t. I was clueless about my life. About me.

(Him refers to the people I know.)


8 responses to “Still heart

  1. when i read this i thought it had a deep meaning, and it was conveyed beautifully…i hope the intention of this piece was the same..
    well done..


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