Hey you there?
Well,  silly me. I know you are.
Hi from the other side I say.
Through the Peephole I talk…
I can see you down there beside the lamp thats off.
It’s all dark inside,
I cannot even spot u clear!
Though somehow using all the power vested in me,
Your depressed soul and body I can figure out.

I am the light that brightens the other room beside you.
The room where I witness your jolly mom humming to herself a jovial song while she prepares for lunch,
The room where I enjoy the happy family meals. 
I tell you,
They miss you a lot.
Its been days now you don’t talk to anyone.
It’s been days u didnt let go of the darkness in your room.
I hear your cry,

I feel the pain you are suffering 

From the Peephole,

I try to get in but I fail to succeed. 
I am just a bit of light you see…
I cannot light up your entire room.
But if only u could let the lamp beside you on,
I could do something for u.
I could kiss your tears and breathe into you the hope and desire to live.
But it’s okay.
I understand you.
Never mind.
Hold on dear.
I will talk to my fellow mates
And my queen for you.
My Queen is the Sun that shines.
She loves Earth and the humans that exist.
She will soon send her troops of sunbeam  to your life.
She will soon shine on you.
She is magical. She is infinite.
Maybe it might take time,
But she will break though the closed windows of your room and save you.
She is coming.
Hold on my dear.
And I am still here.
I am right here on the other side,
On the other side of this door that separates us. 
I am watching u through the Peephole,
Don’t worry,  the light will soon shine over you.



30 responses to “Peephole

  1. Hey there!
    I could act on reflect and faint in dazzlement that run through my veins everytime i read your writings.
    But my mind chooses to hold on and not have a coma or fullstop in this journey i witness you endure in the blogosphere whilst i continue being amazed waiting for the next post! πŸ’œ – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

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