I Will Live My Singlehood

There’s no guy I can call mine,
Cause they are either taken or not my type.
Or maybe they don’t take me to be their wife,
Or maybe out of my sight or friend zoned or not alike.
Maybe without love I can try to survive.

What if my heart aches when I see love?
But then….
It won’t!
Because my scars remind me everytime of all the catastrophe I owned.

I also think sometimes…
I shall find my love one-day,
But then my bruised heart remains afraid.
What if again I am lost?
What if again I am left to the frost?
What if again the lights are put off?
What if again I have to cry for the one I lost…?

All that pain and tears again?
Sleepless nights and frustrated mind…
All that shit again?
I will love myself instead.
I will eat whatever I love…
But then diet to stay fit, appealing, and curved.
I will travel places,
Go for movies alone.
Shop till I drop,
Work till the clock makes a stop!
I will laugh and giggle,
I will eat a double cheese sandwich alone.
Yummy momos and tea along,
Hippie mind and soul of a bong.
No sharing of my books and food,
No sharing of my drinks and kush.
I will dance all night to the beats that ease me,
Alone I will sing, fly and fly… Derailed and free.
I will Trek alone or maybe with a friend or two,
The ones who stayed beside always and all time,
The ones along whom I worshipped and even committed crimes.

I will drink the joy of life
From the cup that I shall mould all alone.
I will prove that I can survive without love
Or maybe destiny will have pity on me
And find me my better half, a dove in my love!
I don’t know.
Maybe, Maybe not.
But I am gonna enjoy my singlehood till then,
Sleeping without lines and waking up to the smiling sunshine.



38 responses to “I Will Live My Singlehood

  1. Thanks for sharing and letting me know I’m not the only one. πŸ˜€
    Still, I think you shouldn’t make “decisions” like never finding love, being alone forever etc. Just let it go. Detach yourself from the results of e.g. dating. Enjoy the process! (This is more of a motivational talk for myself than for you lol)

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