The Unwanted Rose 🌹

That rose in between them was not supposed to bloom,
As he already had his rose beside-
The bride and he her groom.
He tried to decay it for it would bloom a sin,
But love couldn’t be bolted and it blossomed red and doomed.
He was confused, he had two sides to look, 
And so he closed his eyes and decayed his own roots.


14 thoughts on “The Unwanted Rose 🌹

      1. He already had his gf. He fell in love with another girl. She is the unwanted rose. He tried not to fall for the unwanted rose but love couldn’t be withheld and the flower of love blossomed. He had to look both sides Now. He was confused and so he decayed himself so as to bloom again in another place. Maybe. The end depends on how u think it to be.

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