The admired fiction weaver

His words flow like the magical melodia of the golden lyre,
He evokes the life within,Β  he sets the desire on tempting fire.
I am in love with how each word of his tales I can feel,
Interesting are his little tricks and treats and wondrous deals.
I crave for more of his writings everyday,
I wait with patience for his blazing rays.
He stays locked in the cave of the literary world,
And roars out with new tales beautifully curled.
Just as sublime his name is…
So are his creations.
I am in love with the fiction he knits so well…
Captivating the readers and casting spells!


21 responses to “The admired fiction weaver

  1. Beautiful!I dont think there ever is a better way to featurize a person’s charachter as a fiction weaver than how you have just done it Apeeksha! – Cezane

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