If I was the Royal Reader…

If I was a reader in Akbar’s time,
I would have been the royal reader!
New books I would have imported from the Future,
Reading them all at my leisure.
And I would get paid for that!
Wouldn’t that have been awesome?
A pride to walk with a Reader’s tag,
Reading, sipping in my coffee and a little fag.
What a life would have been
If I was a Royal reader at Akbar’s court…
Feeding on Biryani whenever I wish to,
Smoking weed and falling asleep.
I would walk down the long pathways,
I would lead the royal palace life…
Reading to Akbar and making him smile,
Collecting bookmarks and the exquisite Mughal style.
But before war i would get back to my world
Through the portal that could switch me to places,
Hopping along living the life I want,
I would had seen and lived with all my favourite faces in the world.



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