The Bridesmaid and her bride.

(This picture is the the spark that led me to create this fusion beat.) πŸ‘‡


I brushed her golden locks with fragility,
I hooked her bra back to certainty.
I stretched the bedsheet that touched our nakedness,
I arranged the cushions in right order while she dressed.

We savoured our lips again and again,
Her fingers relished my butt…
And my hands played with her bust.
Her breaths transformed from a straight line to heavier,
My body contracted and vision blurred.
She moaned. I moaned.
I was naked and she was half dressed.
“Again?” I asked
“Again.” She smiled
And we fed on each other one more time,
And again.

I kissed her forehead and carried her in front of the mirror.
I made her sit on the chair and brushed her hair.
I coloured her lips red,
She kissed me and ruined it.
I coloured her lips pink this time,
And she sucked my breast skin.
I giggled and carressed her cheeks.
I chose my colour wisely this time.
I picked up a darker shade,
I brushed her lips with a dark matte shade of grape.
She smiled as she stared at me,
And we both laughed this time.
She looked beautiful
My lady in mood
Her body responding
To everytime I moved.
I laced her up,Β  I pulled up her stockings with my teeth.
“Again! Please.” she muttered in pain.
While I said not a word for I knew it wasn’t time,
Not a word to my lip, not a breath to acceptance.Β 

Her hairdo her make up and everything else,
I adorned her beauty with love.
She was dressed in white,
And I was in grey.
We were arranged and done,
Our desires flooded and stunned.

“Ready?” I asked,
She nodded her head.
And we stepped out to the aisle…
She walked ahead.
She gave me a last look and forward she went,
“We are meeting tomorrow,” she whispered…
And I knew what exactly she meant,
While I followed her trail and smiled to myself,
I walked behind her as her Best Bridesmaid.



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