Weed is the closest portal to Tomorrowland.



35 responses to “#Huff

      • Haha. U r mixing up reality with fantasy. When u are high on weed, u don’t jump around abusing people or something. U think. And your thoughts take you on a journey to your mind. To your fantasy world. It’s all about fantasy. Not realism.
        Ur comment makes no sense bcoz once u r talking about realism and then u r mentioning that invisible things are the only realities. I don’t think Rapunzel was real. But it exists in our mind. And when u smoke weed, u play with your mind. And thus, u are taken to tomorrowland(the part of your brain where fantasy is baked)

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      • that’s worth a reflection.

        i might try some weed to be able to think, then!
        Weaker minds need induction to think… to someone who thinks, but doesn’t make thoughts thier aim… i don’t think weed comes into the scene at all.

        it gave us marley, sure… but that took him away from us too.
        each light has a hue darker and a shade duller, even shadows and casted light.

        but maybe, you’re right…in your own way.

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      • A weaker mind cannot stone and write. Let me enlighten u with that. When u r high, u think a lot but then when u are back to your sober state u forget all that u planned to write. Maybe I am smarter and that’s why I remember things.
        And about Marley, well too much of anything kills. So does love!
        People when u are against something, they put all their thoughts breath and sweat against it. Be logical. That definitely helps.


      • And before u type down another para campaigning for anti drugs, cannabis if taken in the right amount helps. It doesn’t kill. Cigarettes are Legal here and govt earns a great amount from it. And what a tragedy! What’s legalised is killing so many people.
        Anyway, Good day to you.

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