Smoky Maze

The stuff was a better one today
And thus a new pattern was formed.
A journey through new lanes and turns
Stopping at dead end
And then a sudden rush
And I was back to the front.

It’s more like a maze,
A new pattern everyday.
New levels to discover with every new blunt,
My mind exploring new games and stunts.
New thoughts occupy me,
Life through a different perspective I see.
Like a bus journey
With every other window a new image is formed,
With a new fusion of my existence and survival New patterns are stormed.
Peace in little things I try to seek,
Like the green with dew drops…
The dancing roots of the trees.
The fucked up and the virgin breeze,
The clouds forming art,
The delicious Momos along its steam.

Life at present is at ease,
Weed friends blog and little treats.
Giggles accompanying me while I hop along,
A new song to sing with every new dawn.



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