Free fall

Going places,
Exploring new tracks and cliffs.
Coffee momo and weed,
Cigarettes cookies and Chai in sips.
Laughing along tagging places,
Gossips and thrill.
Unplanned calls
Dragging messages
Unknown places to feel.
Fresh air to catch
Green grass to feel
Water splashing is the thrill.
Discovering the world little everytime,
New journeys we unseal.



15 responses to “Free fall

  1. U knw what. I always plan to comment on ur poems when i come to your blog. But somehow i don’t find words to appreciate it so i end up just giving it a star. So please don’t think i haven’t said anything on any of ur poems i always love it no matter what n how u write. It’s always a pleasure to read ur work. Again a great poem.

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  2. I got an exquisite imagery reading along this, one that was defining the beauty of nature and how we can merge with it to find freedom. Loved every line. – Cezane

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