He wants mine to be the lips he wishes to kiss,
But I am afraid of love touching my lips.
He wants to touch me and feel me within,
But rotten and scarred is my whiplashed skin.
He wants to show me how beautiful and colourful love can be,
But through my eyes so swollen only Greys can be seen.
He wants to pull my cheeks and keep me in his embrace,
But I am a fire locked in and I don’t want him to burn in my blaze.
He wants to take me to places with him,
But I am so much collapsed that ashes of mine are hard to pick.
He demands for the reason behind my No,
My affection for him he wishes to know.
I have told him that I like him more,
But the reason behind my No is hard to explore.
I am so shattered that I want to be left to the ground,
I don’t want to be gathered…
I don’t want to be found.



27 responses to “Shattered.

  1. A nice amplification to the words from the Image.
    Every line was hitting hard to the topic shattered. Your truly one talented writer Tanu! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow…what a beautifully written piece this is! I have already read it twice and I think you are a gifted writer πŸ™‚ You have made sorrow look charming! And while I head back for a third read, the sorrow sinks in my heart as I realize the implications of this poem…


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