The Conversation

(He said I was as sweet as sugar)

No my love, I am bitter. 😎

(He said he liked me in my bitter way and that it was no loss to be with me.)

Fear o kiddo… For I am a fire locked in…. U might find yourself burning in my blaze.

(He said he was willing to burn in my desire to feel me in.)

If you are willing to burn in my desire,
I shall kiss u rebirth from the ashes left over.

(In return he said that he need not rebirth but he wishes to stick to my skin as holy ashes forever. He also believes that he can cool me, embrace my fire and lock it underground.)

These flames aren’t so easy to suppress…
Years and years of pain it has faced.Β 
Trodden extracted stabbed and scarred…burning my soul, filtering my existence to blur.
I’m afraid I might run away from you… Somewhere out of your reach…
Somewhere far.

(No matter how much I tried to keep him away, he wooed me. He tried to win me with his well carved words glittered with love and flirt. Yes Flirt. That’s what he was up-to while I was already scarred and not in the mood to be wooed. He tried to play it well but that I was smarter he had no clue.)

You are just a potato couch typing down sugary words for me. If your desire had been true u would have been here right now chasing me.
While you kept igniting your mind to carve out words so sugary and serene, I was escaping you my love, I was running away.
And now while you read this shattered words of mine… I will be long gone somewhere… Somewhere deep down the tunnel where darkness prevails,Β where my rotten lips will kissed and my scarred skin touched. The darkness would love me and lust me at the same time while you would brush your hair,Β  stretch your arms and hunt for an another affair.

And thereafter he gave up and our conversation rolled to an end.



18 responses to “The Conversation

  1. Arz karta hu zara gaur farmaiyega;

    Nadaan hai woh, jinhe lagta hai mohabbat sirf lafzon se bayan hoti hai;

    shiddat toh usse kehte hai, jab woh bin kuch kahey; dilon mein puri dastaan likh jaate hain!

    If this is a true conversation, I pity the poor lad! Flirting is easy, but little did he know; sailors of shallow waters, cannot be captains of the deep seas.

    Cheers, Tanushree πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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