Homage to love: LGBT pride 🌈

‘Love is an emotion’ : Has forgotten the world,
A human with Vagina and the other with dick cannot differentiate love.
For love cannot be suppressed,
Love isn’t about two physical body you fools!
It’s about two souls…
Two pure souls for True Love who drool.


Love is irrespective of gender and it’s allies,
It is the only affection that’s sacred and baptized.
Love isn’t heterogeneous or homogeneous my dear,
Love is boundless, without any discrimination or fear.
Why cannot lovers unite if true love they share?
Since when do lovers have to hide and be scared?


When did criteria form for love to be felt?
Who has been given the right to order Love to be smelt?
Be bold enough to ask this to your mother-
“Did u fall in love with the dick that my father own?”
Be bold enough to ask this to your father-
“Did u fall for the vagina and the features that my mother bore? “
For their answer won’t be yes, it will be the “love” they felt,
The strong emotion of existence and non existence..
That forced every disparity to melt.


Love is Metaphysical,
It’s not about a male and a female.
It’s about two soul loving each other,
Without a dick or a vagina in sale!

India needs A “Barack Obama!



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